Movie Tickets

All tickets are just $10 each. All day. Every day.

Candy Bar

Small Popcorn - $3.00
Medium Popcorn - $4.00
Large Popcorn - $7.00
Small Drink - $3.50 
Medium Drink - $4.50 
Large Drink - $5.50
*Frozen Drinks at no extra cost

Choc-Top - $4.50
Magnum - $5.00
Gaytime - $4.00
Weis Bar $4.00
Movie Themed - $3.50
Maltesers - $5.50
M&Ms - $5.50
PODS - $5.50
Skittles - $5.50
Allen's lollies - $4.50


Small Combo - $6.00
Small Drink & Small Popcorn

Medium Combo - $8.00
Medium Drink & Medium Popcorn

Large Combo - $11.00
Large Drink & Large Popcorn

For the comfort and safety of all patrons and staff, we ask that you read and follow our conditions of entry.
• Hot food is not permitted in our cinemas
• Alcohol purchased off site is not permitted
• Management reserves the right to refuse entry
• All persons aged 2 and over must pay for a ticket
• All persons must wear footwear and be fully clothed
• No refunds or exchanges of Candy Bar products purchased, except when required by law
• Noisy and disruptive patrons will receive one warning before being ask to leave. No refund given
• Management reserves the right to ask any patron for ID. Films rated MA15+ and R18+ require proof of age to be presented
• Children must be supervised at all times. All persons under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18+) throughout the entirety of a film. For the enjoyment of others, should a child become disruptive during a movie, please remove yourself and the child from the cinema.

Companion Cards*
Companion card holders are allowed one complimentary movie ticket when accompanying their client for any movie that is not listed as no free tickets (No Free Tix) with the exception of Friday & Saturday nights after 5pm, public holidays & special advance screenings.